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Yellowbend Landfill Hours

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 4pm to 8pm

Saturdays - 10am to 4pm

Next Council Meeting

June 4th, 2019, at 7:00pm
All meetings are open to the public.

Should you wish bring a matter or concern before Council, please complete the attached form and submit to the Town Office.

(Delegate-Communication Form)

Tax Enforcement List


Notice is hereby given under the Tax Enforcement Act that unless arrears and costs appearing opposite the LLD in the following list are fully paid before the June 15, 2019, an interest based on a tax lien will be registered against the land.

Note: A sum for costs in an amount required by subsection 4(3) of the Tax Enforcement Act is included in the amount shown against each parcel.  Date April 15 , 2019

See Full PDF

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If you are part of a group or organization, please submit the information we need for the Organizations and Events page including contact information, meeting dates, special event dates, and any other info you wish the public to be aware of.

If you are hosting an event be sure to send your poster to Town Office for posting here.