A life style to discover. A growing town to explore.

In today’s hectic world you have a choice to free yourself of all the inconveniences and annoyances of city living. Country living offers an affordable, safe and relaxing atmosphere that reduces stress. The cost of living is less.

Radisson would like to remain a robust viable rural community. We welcome new residents that wish to enjoy the benefits of country living, the birds singing, the Northern Lights dancing, the friendly greeting on the streets; the safety and closeness of a smaller community. Radisson is in close proximity to the city gives the community access to the things that we are lacking, like movie theatres, and is the next bedroom community!

The water quality and quantity, the RCMP, the recreational facilities, the clubs and the organizations, the health clinics and the senior’s programs all contribute to the strength of this town.

Radisson has beautiful tree lined boulevards, graded streets, manicured grassy areas and home garbage pick-up. Elegant turn of the century homes, newer modern homes, well kept quaint older homes and some mobile homes dot the town. Radisson is a great place to call home, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve as your new home. Radisson has lots available in town, both developed and undeveloped for new homes.

Other Area Perks:

• Radisson is on the waterfowl migration path that includes ducks, geese, Sandhill cranes and Whooping Cranes. Birdwatchers and hunters alike celebrate their arrival. Radisson is a great destination for a Sunday drive.
• The town operates the water treatment plant that serves the town and surrounding area.
• The town has a sewer system and lagoons.
• Fire service is provided to the town through a fire hydrant network.
• Radisson is proud to have great recreational facilities that include Communiplex, Curling Rink and Swimming Pool. See recreation facilities.
• Artesian wells provide the Town with Water
• Census Canada 2011 shows Radisson grew by 20%. Population from 421 to 505.  The 2016 census shows our population at 514. We’re still growing!
• The Town of Radisson Celebrated its 100th birthday August 2013