Residential Services



  • Residential Carts: $20.00/mo.


  • Infrastructure fee $25/month.
  • The infrastructure fees collected will be held in a reserve fund and will be used for Water Plant and sewer upgrades and repairs.


  • Residential Carts:  $10.00/mo.
  • Rate change effective April 11, 2019

(See Bylaw 02-2019 and 03-2019)


  • Water and sewer hookup fee are $50 and the meter deposit is $100 owner, $200.00 tenters, payable “up front”
    (The meter deposit is refundable when you move out and on the condition there is nothing owing on your utility bill)
  • Utility Rates: $105.60 per month
  • Compliance Documents:
  • WATER BILLING: Please Note the Following Changes to Water Billing now in Effect.
      • Water bills are due in the month they are billed – Ex: May bill sent June 1 2024 is due upon receipt
      • Interest Penalty is now applied – unpaid account balances will be subject to .75% interest at the end of each month until paid.
      • Accounts in arrears after sixty-one (61) days of the billing date will have services discontinued. Re-connection will be done once the account is cleared and a $50.00 re-connection fee is paid
      • Meter: reading should be submitted to the town office the 4th week of each month.


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16 to 43 Waste Management Hours
Radisson is a member
Open:10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon. to Fri.
Summer: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. – Second Saturday of every month – July 13th, August 10th, Sept 14th, 2024
Closed: Sunday and Stat Holidays.

Waste and Recycling Collection Schedule 2021

What Can I Put In the Black Garbage Cart

Payment Methods for Utility or Tax Bills

  • You can pay by cheque or money order.
  • You can send an e-transfer to
  • You can sign up for monthly withdrawals as well.
    • Simply contact us by email at and include a copy of your banking information, either a print out from your bank or a void cheque.  You can also call us at the office 306-827-2218 for more information on how it works.
  • You can make payments on your utility or tax bill at any time.


Recycling: Do not bag recycling; place in loose.

    • List of allowable items:
    • Pop Bottles and Pop/Beer Cans
    • All lids should be removed from bottles
    • All cans and bottles must be rinsed (no exceptions)
    • Regular Food Cans
    • Remove all labels
    • The cans must be rinsed out.
    • Milk Jugs and Cartons
    • All caps must be removed
    • All jugs and cartons must be rinsed out
    • Cardboard
    • Please remove all Styrofoam and put in your garbage (This is not recyclable)
    • All cardboard must be flattened and put in the bins
    • Plastic Containers
    • All containers must be cleaned before recycling
  • No plastic bags or glass of any kind are to be put in the recycling at this time