Financial Audit Report

In compliance with Section 140.1(11)(a) of The Municipalities Act the Town of Radisson hereby gives notice that the audit conducted by MNP Accountants in response to a petition for a financial audit under Section 140.1 of the Municipalities Act has been completed and the Forensic and Investigative Report is now available.

The report can be viewed on the Town website (click this link, then scroll to page bottom for Financial Audit list) or can also be provided via email.

Please contact the Town Office Ph: 306 827 2218.
Thank you
Council for the Town of Radisson

Water Update

May 31, 2019

Currently the Town is under a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory issued by WSA.   We are working through concerns with discoloration but more importantly, high turbidity levels and determining the cause and solution.  Contributing factors being considered are higher than normal water usage/flow through our system challenging it to keep up, thus Council continues to limit access at the bulk water station. Another possible factor is that the reservoir may require cleaning and this is being arranged. Unfortunately, we do not know when this will be lifted, but continue to work with WSA in further testing and trouble shooting measures.

Council appreciates your patience while we work through this challenge and although they understand the inconvenience cause by the limited access to bulk water, their priority is ensuring that residents have access to safe drinking water.

Please continue to check our Town of Radisson Facebook page for updates.

Thank you
Mayor and Council
Town of Radisson

Tax Enforcement List


Notice is hereby given under the Tax Enforcement Act that unless arrears and costs appearing opposite the LLD in the following list are fully paid before the June 15, 2019, an interest based on a tax lien will be registered against the land.

Note: A sum for costs in an amount required by subsection 4(3) of the Tax Enforcement Act is included in the amount shown against each parcel.  Date April 15 , 2019

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